The Problem We Had With Our Dehumidifier That Never Should Have Happened

Honestly, I’m disappointed with how products are made these days. Twenty years ago you could buy a product and know that it was going to last, it was well made and you didn’t pay a fortune for it. Now we’re paying more for products that break within a couple of years and we pay more for the privilege. Menards Tm

Here’s what happened. We bought a 45 pint dehumidifier 3 years ago for our basement. We never used the reservoir, we set it up to drain automatically so we didn’t have to mess with it all the time. It was big enough for our wet basement and it ran great for 3 years. Suddenly the thing dies. It had a 5 year warranty so we called the company. Guess what? They went out of business! More annoying is that the unit itself was sold under the Maytag name. But since Maytag didn’t really produce it and that part was farmed out to some other little company that went belly up, they weren’t going to do anything about it. All support numbers for the product were disconnected. We spoke to a local repairman who said he wasn’t getting paid for any warranty work on those anymore, company was bust. Getting anywhere with Maytag was non productive.

We’re still chasing the issue and are determined to get someone to stand behind the warranty, but regardless we’re now in the market for a new one. We bought it this weekend at Menards. Feeling let down by all major companies we learned that dehumidifiers now only come with a one year warranty. Great. The product you’re making is so bad you can only stand behind it for one year? Why should I give you my money then? Maybe because there’s no other choice.

We bought a Haier this time, for $130, and found out that since we’re setting it up to drain automatically we can buy the smallest one they make. The pint size is only relation to the capacity of the tank and has no bearing on the compressor size. They’re all the same. So at least we saved money buy getting a smaller one this time (30 pint).