The Illusion of Busyness: Productivity Isn’t About How Busy or Efficient You Are

“Profitability isn’t about how occupied or proficient you are – it’s about the amount you achieve.” 

– Chris Bailey, The Productivity Project 

What’s more, take it from a fanatic industrious worker: the distinction between being occupied and really achieving what you set out to – in a day, seven days, a lifetime – can be huge. 

Goodness, the things I can complete in a day! It would make a genuine honey bee’s head turn. 

For me, the issue isn’t completing stuff – God help us. My concern is completing the secret sauce at the ideal time… for me. 

Fortunately, my enchantment book shop showed, once more, the ideal book at the ideal time: The Productivity Project; Accomplishing More By Managing Your Time, Attention, and Energy, by Chris Bailey. 

Presently I should admit (like any hard worker deserving at least some respect), it was the shade of the book that grabbed my quickly meandering attention: a staggering turquoise with the word ‘Profitability’ in huge white letters. 

Indeed, the truth is out: I passed judgment flippantly. 

Be that as it may, since I clearly buzz through even book shops (murmur), if a pretty blue is what gets my attention – and continues to change the manner in which I work – at that point why should I grumble? Visit :- รีวิวสินค้าไอที

What’s more, oh joy, did I actually get a great deal out of The Productivity Project. Actually, I would state the book has helped me change my work day – both what I achieve just as the nature of the work.