Second Generation AMD Bulldozer Architecture Details

The new design to succeed AMD Bulldozer is Piledriver, which is the code name for the modules that are to be utilized in second era Bulldozer processors. To be more exact, Piledriver will be named “Upgraded Bulldozer Processor”.

There are some spilled data rotating in the web about the cutting edge Bulldozer processors, which is definitely not another development, yet only a straightforward move up to the design of the original Bulldozer processors.

With Piledriver modules, คอมประกอบ 40000  sAMD asserts that the presentation will increment up to 10% when contrasted and the current Bulldozer modules. AMD included that Piledriver modules will fuse two new guidance set

  1. FMA3 (Fast Memory Access on the third) 
  2. Combined BMI (Branch Minus IF) 

Piledriver modules will likewise have an improved IOMMU (memory planning unit). AMD names this improved IOMMU as IOMMU V2. Other than the above subtleties, AMD Piledriver modules will fit in AM3+ attachment motherboards that accompany 900 arrangement motherboards. AMD Bulldozer processors with Piledriver modules are required to be delivered in mid-2012.

From AMD Bulldozer benchmarks that got delivered before, FX 8150 processor performs practically equivalent to Core i5 2500K when overclocked. Yet, the recognizable truth is the ‘K’ form in Intel processors. They are opened processors and are intended for overclocking. A large portion of the Core i5 2500K processors can be overclocked up to 4.2 GHz. So when we analyze the presentation of overclocked AMD Bulldozer and Intel Core i5 2500K, surely Core i5 2500K takes a lead.

In the official AMD Bulldozer Benchmark slides, AMD asserts that Bulldozer based framework performs practically equivalent to the Intel Core i7 980X based framework. This methodology isn’t right, on the grounds that most clients lean toward Intel Core i7 2700K against i7 980X. Likewise AMD just thought about the exhibition of both these processors in gaming applications just, which is mostly bottlenecked by the speed of the realistic card utilized. On the off chance that the realistic card utilized isn’t equipped for conveying higher FPS (outlines every second), at that point processors can do nothing in that circumstance.

One more truth to be considered is that AMD Bulldozer has 8 genuine centers, which are equipped for running each string in turn every, which implies a 8 center Bulldozer processor has 8 strings. Since two centers in a module utilize shared assets, their presentation won’t be equivalent to two individual centers of any Sandy Bridge or Phenom II processor. So execution of every module in a Bulldozer processor will consistently be lesser than the presentation of a genuine double center processor. Be that as it may, AMD has executed this sort of configuration to decrease the expense of assembling and improve scaling execution.