Mysteries and Subgenres

Despite the fact that secret is its own type, riddle can likewise be found in various different kinds too. There is no solid rundown of subgenres in riddle and components of secret can be added to almost any novel, short story, sonnet, or film content. The following is a fundamental rundown of what these subgenres may resemble.


Tea warmer 


A tea warmer or “Comfortable” puzzle is a secret with a light tone and components of humor. The detective presumably doesn’t have any sort of clinical or police preparing. The investigator may, be that as it may, be joined by an official analyst who might possibly support of the non military personnel detective snooping about. Agatha Christie’s Miss Jane Marple is the world’s most celebrated tea warmer investigator. In the United States, Jessica Fletcher is the American form of Miss Marple. They are both old women,  10 เรื่องลี้ลับ  who live in modest communities and happen to run over sex and murder embarrassments. Every one of them has a light comical inclination.




A trick is a character or gathering of characters who have perpetrated a detailed wrongdoing. In some cases it is the burglary of a significant, intensely protected artistic creation or a bank heist. Tricks can run from being comedic to noir.


Police Procedural 


A police procedural riddle includes a hero that is a cop. The person in question may not be high positioning and potentially saw by different officials as a blundering brute. Something tips this cop off thus the person in question utilizes police records and follows police strategies to fathom or forestall a wrongdoing.




Sam Spade is one of the most well known P.I. riddle solvers on the planet. A P.I. secret includes a hero that is employed as a private specialist to illuminate a wrongdoing. The film Chinatown is a P.I. riddle including Gittes played by Jack Nicholson. A P.I. is generally peered down on by officials and commonly at least one of the officials will in general be the lowlife or working for the reprobate. Private investigator’s are most popular in noir stories.




A riddle that happens previously, either a substitute past or a valid past, is a recorded secret. Ordinarily, recorded puzzles are likewise tea warmers, however not really consistently. Think about Sherlock Holmes, for instance.




Legitimate secrets occur in the court. The hero is a legal counselor and must demonstrate that their customer isn’t just “not blameworthy,” of the wrongdoing, however honest. Before the finish of the story, the genuine executioner is uncovered in the court. All the proof gained by the attorney and the customer are gotten legitimately through appropriate systems. Elle Woods played by Reece Witherspoon in the film, Legally Blonde, is a case of a legitimate secret.