Hardwood Floor Maintenance Care

It is essential that you take good care of your hardwood floors. Routine cleaning is necessary for hardwood floor maintenance. Along with regular cleaning, here are some tips for quick hardwood floor maintenance.

Dust daily

When you dust your floor use a microfiber cloth or mop because they will trap dust particles, dirt, allergens, and cat or dog hair with the static electricity they cause. They are more effective and safer because some bristles of a broom may cause scratches on the floor. When you use the microfiber mop, keep it against the Flooring companies Chicago
as much as you can so the dirt will stay trapped securely in the pad. The best way to help prevent scratches is to dust the floors daily with this type of cloth or mop.

Vacuum weekly

Use the soft bristled floor brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner after you have dusted with the mop. Even using the attachment, you can still scratch the hardwood floor surface if there is debris on the floor. You also need to make sure that you do not use the beater bar attachment because it can damage the floor.

Damp mop monthly

You need to do this using a cleaner made for this type of floors. Use a mop that has the microfiber head. Make sure that the mop is only damp and use just the least quantity of cleaner to clean the floor. Before you use a cleaning product, check the manufacturer’s recommendations, especially if there is a sealant on floor’s hardwood surface. Never steam mop or wet-mop the this type of floor when doing floor maintenance. They could cause damage to the wood or dull the finish.

Quick hardwood floor maintenance tips

• Wipe up any spills immediately
• Put a mat at the outside entrance to help reduce the amount of dirt and debris that is tracked into the house
• Support your furniture with floor protectors at least one inch in diameter made of hard plastic that is non-pigmented or felt that is non-staining and rest flat on the floor.

What is hardwood floor maintenance?

Hardwood floor maintenance is not just keeping your floors clean but also protecting them from UV rays and heat, which can cause discoloration on the floors. Use shades and curtains to help protect the flooring from high heat and UV rays. You should also refinish the surface every two to six years. If there is a surface finish, you will need to reapply a protection coat every couple of years to restore the shine. When you have the surface refinished, you should hire a professional. The floor may need to be sanded first if there are visible gouges, deep scratches, or discoloration.