College Football 2007 – A Football Junkies Paradise – The Final Sagarin NCAA Football Ratings

There are some immense contrasts between the last AP Top 25 College Football Poll, and the Final Sagarin College Football Ratings.

For openers, here is the AP Top 25 Poll as casted a ballot by the country’s sportswriters and sports telecasters: 1 Louisiana State, 2 Georgia, 3 Southern California, 4 Missouri, 5 Ohio State, 6 West Virginia, 7 Kansas, 8 Oklahoma, 9 Virginia Tech, 10 Boston College and Texas (tie), 12 Tennessee, 13 Florida, 14 Brigham Young, 15 Auburn, 16 Arizona State, 17 Cincinnati, 18 Michigan, 19 Hawaii, 20 Illinois, 21 Clemson, 22 Texas Tech, 23 Oregon, 24 Wisconsin, and 25 Oregon State.

Here is the Sagarin Ratings: 1 Louisiana State, 2 Kansas, 3 West Virginia, 4 Southern California, 5 Oklahoma,   ufabet777 เว็บตรง  6 Missouri, 7 Georgia, 8 Oregon, 9 Virginia Tech, 10 Florida, 11 Ohio State, 12 Texas, 13 Auburn, 14 Arizona State, 15 Tennessee, 16 Oregon State, 17 Brigham Young, 18 Kentucky, 19 Cincinnati, 20 South Florida, 21 Michigan, 22 Clemson, 23 Boston College, 24 Texas Tech, and 25 Arkansas.

Contrasting the Sagarin Ratings with the AP Poll, notice these distinctions: 

1) Sagarin rates Kansas a lot higher (second instead of seventh), Oregon a lot higher (eighth as opposed to 23rd), and Oregon State a lot higher (sixteenth as opposed to 23rd).

2) Sagarin rates Georgia much lower (seventh instead of second), Ohio State a lot of lower (eleventh as opposed to fifth) and Boston College much lower (23rd as opposed to tenth).

3) Sagarin has 3 groups in the best 25 that the AP Poll doesn’t Kentucky at 18, South Florida at 20 and Arkansas at 25. The AP Poll replaces these groups with Hawaii at 19, Illinois at 20 and Wisconsin at 24.

Which survey is more exact? Indeed, the AP Poll depends on one’s assessment of a group, its record and the quality of its rival. Sagarin depends on a numerical equation including insights aggregated by a MIT graduate (Massachusetts Institute of Technology). You choose.

By considering the Sagarin evaluations, here are a few realities I have revealed that could dazzle your companions, and win you a few wagers (or beverages) at your preferred bar:

1) The group that played the hardest timetable this year was UCLA. The following 4 all together were Washington, Florida, Nebraska and Oregon.

2) The least evaluated 1A group with just 1 misfortune was Hawaii (12-1) at No. 35 among 119 1A groups.

3) The most elevated evaluated 1AA group with just 1 misfortune was Northern Iowa (12-1) at No. 62 among 242 1A and 1AA groups.

4) The most elevated evaluated 1AA group was Appalachian State (13-2) at No. 44.

5) The most minimal evaluated 1AA group with in any event 11 successes was Dayton (11-1) at No. 134.

6) The most elevated appraised group that was winless this year was 1A Southern Utah (0-11) at No. 204.

7) The least appraised group among each of the 242 1A and 1AA groups? That would be1AA La Salle (0-10) at No. 242. The most minimal BCS Standing of No. 242 additionally had a place with La Salle, which simply missed a “cap stunt” by playing the 241st most fragile timetable.

8) Playing the most fragile timetable this year and in last spot at 242 was 1AA Wagner (7-4), appraised at No. 22.

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